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Dentistry For Children

Preparing your child for that first visit can be an intimidating experience. Dr. Maher suggests you use children’s stories that describe a trip to the dentist as a positive tool for very young children. Parents should convey good feelings to children about dental visits being a part of growing up, and adopt a positive approach to dental care.

During your child’s first visit, Dr. Maher and her staff use a “Tell – Show – Do” method to explain each action to your child in child friendly terms.

The parent is usually allowed to accompany the child during the initial exam; however, we ask that the parent remain a “silent partner,” because it is often difficult for children to focus on more than one set of instructions at the same time. We also ask for your understanding, as crying is often an age appropriate response during a child’s first visit. The AAPD recommends a first dental visit and oral evaluation by 1 year of age.

What to expect on your child’s first visit:

  • Collect a medical and dental history
  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Take digital X-rays as indicated by the ADA
  • Discuss the child’s dental needs
  • Answer questions about proper oral health
  • Schedule early orthodontic treatments
  • Schedule follow-up visits

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Your professional cleaning appointments can be scheduled six months in advance. We confirm appointments electronically with text messaging and email, postcard, or by phone.

Emergencies may cause a slight delay in our regularly scheduled appointments. If this occurs, we ask for your patience and understanding, and we will do our best to keep you informed.

Most extensive and costly dental and orthodontic treatments can be averted through timely pediatric care as the face, jaws, and teeth are developing.